Friday, July 25, 2008

Busy, busy. Stop.

A pretty manic week to be honest as I have been desperately trying to tie up the last few exterior shots for my short.  These are dependent on the availability of three young girls, and if their social agendas are anything like The Kid's (sounds like they are) then getting them in one place, at one time for two whole hours is really going to be nothing short of a miracle.  It also needs to be a sunny day - hey ho - but let's stay positive, eh?  Let's tick all those darned boxes, goddamit. Let's lift our dreary chins up to the bright sunny sky. Let's smile out loud. Yup. Yup. Yup. Hallelujah!


The Kid now has a rash and a continual drippy nose thanks to his MMR jab but that didn't stop him from pushing his own buggy for half a mile following Mummy doing another recce. I did offer to push him in it, but he flatly refused. T'was a fair deal after a year of me doing the pushing, I guess. 

So here we are, another Friday and another video to ease you into the weekend. I beg you to cast aside your shoes with impromptu nonchalance, divulge your relief in the most verbose fashion, and make merry with sheer frivolity.  

Ok, just have a good weekend, then - I really hope none of these are you...


  1. actually the first one on the diving board is of me in my local pool and i don't think it's a laughing matter. x

  2. Your people should call the three little girls' people.

  3. Potsy - I'm so sorry. I totally recognised you as well but just didn't think...

    Elinor - I'm glad to report all has been resolved!