Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Featured Kaos

Kaos Films - they of the BSSC - have now announced further details of their British Feature Screenplay Competition (BFSC).  In a nutshell, the winner of this competition will have their screenplay produced (not put into development) and filmed with a pro cast & crew and budget of up to $2million.

Rules are pretty much similar to the BSSC in that the competition is open to writers from any country and screenplays must be written in English language, however, in this instance (being a feature comp!) the screenplay running time should be between 80 and 110 minutes.  The entry fee is also a little heftier too: £65 early bird; £85 before final deadline.

You've got until 12th September 2008 to get your 'early bird' script in although  I suspect a lot of people will be cracking the whip to get their Red Planet entry polished around the same time (deadline: 30th Sept).  

The final deadline for BFSC entry is 14th November 2008 and full rules can be found here.

Also, go check out Mr Beckley's short film, "Fatal" - he wrote it, directed it and 'just did it'.  Good on you, matey.

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