Friday, July 04, 2008

Time Out Meme

I seem to be going round in circles with my rough edit mainly because I changed editing software half way through: never a good idea.  I was extremely impressed with Apple's service though - I ordered my software at around 3pm on Wednesday and it arrived less than 24 hours later.  Very coolios.

Now I am getting to grips with all the functionality of the aforementioned software, Final Cut - and there are a lot of functions to get my tired little head round - but all in all it seems to be going ok though. I think. I have sat in on so many edits over the years I can dream-walk through all the correct mouse clicks and visualize the perfect requirement - if only I knew where they were in the menus and what they were actually called to begin with.  "The thingy that makes it go all fadey and frizzly" is a strange way to explain a cross dissolve but as I said, I'm getting there. I doubt any whizzy-dizzy editors would agree, but I'm trying!

In order to rest my Final Cut brain cells a little, I have thought up a new little meme, so here goes; copy and paste this info into yours and off you go...

"Name the last ten (10) programmes/films saved onto your hard drive/ Sky+/ Virgin+Box/ video / other media recording drive and then tag five more people to do the same."

Mine are: