Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Never Rains but it Pours

I recently succumbed to the deadly tummy bug lurgy thingy which has been a total killer. It steam-rollered me during the early hours of Sunday morning and I have only just begun to function properly today.  I still ache from head to foot but that is down to the fact that around 1am on Monday I stumbled out of bed in a hallucinatory state, convinced I was going to be sick for the tenth time that hour, lurched towards the bathroom, missed the door handle and face planted into The Kid's door with a rather loud crash. At least that's what my Miss Marple braincell thinks happened but I can't verify the details - I just woke up in a heap wondering what all the noise had been, why I was kissing the door and indeed, how long I had been there. I managed to cut my shoulder, graze my arm and nearly break my nose, which is still a lovely blackened shade along with the pretty, dark "oops, my eyeliner really slipped" looking eyes. Not so much a sexy, smouldering look, as a bruised, smoked kipper effect. ;(

On an up note, last night I finally managed to complete the rough edit for my Swarovski/Tank Films comp entry No.1, so now I know exactly what footage I need to shoot in a couple of weeks' time to complete it.  I'm quite happy with it thus far so hope things will carry on in that vein.  I also got a lovely email the other day informing me of my successful ticket application for the VISA London 2012 Party in August.  Acts are to be announced but it promises to be on par with Live Aid (1985).  It's a bit of a double edged sword as it is happening the day I was meant to be returning from the Edinburgh Festival but I guess I'll just have to head home a bit earlier.  

So, me and 39,999 other peeps on The Mall will be "celebrating the hand-over of the Olympic flag from Bejing to London".  Anyone else going?  Be sure to wave.

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