Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Bit of This and That

Apparently there's no rest for the wicked - right? In that case, I am certainly no goddamn angel.

So far this week, I have been cracking the whip on the music video, a short film, a feature documentary and a feature adaptation - not much rest, like I say. Plus, there is a new addition to the Tenacious family - but more on that breathtaking news later.

Things have really started motoring on the music video with lots and lots of meetings set up for next week. I have been fine tuning my treatment and storyboards in order to have the strongest, most thorough vision possible, given the budget and time constraints. Bah humbug, Easter - you always arrive at a very busy time of year for me! Bugger you, your bank holidays and your creamy chocolatey-ness for causing a hiatus in my working life! Oh, but before moving on, I should say a big thanks to the very lovely director, Schuman Hoque, who answered my music vid sync plea in a most honorable and timely fashion - cheers mate!  And thanks once again, Lucy.

Next up, a location I have been after for a little while, kind of fell into my lap the other day, which was really rather lovely. It floated like a fluffy feather, ever so gentle, and bounced off my forehead with a tickle and dropped to my knee with a little kiss. Short film phase 1 issue now dealt with. Most fantastic news. Then there's the feature adaptation and the documentary...well, I am less inclined to chat about them as it's very early days at the moment for both, so more on these over the months to come, I'm sure.

And that leaves me with the other Tenacious blog family addition - Tenaciously Training - to be more specific. It's more of a ramble at great speed than a blog to be honest, but by merely having it up in cyber, it will ensure I stick to my training schedule - well, that's the thought process behind it anyway. This new blog will also eventually form an important part of a very exciting project I am working on. Again, very cloak and dagger, but if it comes off, you'll be the first to know. Honest. Well, after the Producers, anyway.

So, a quick shout out to a few other cyber peeps who are chipping away at the old block quite furiously at the moment - Sir Daniel of Stack is very nearly there on his very exciting short film "Origin".  Only a couple of weeks to go before he launches into production now - everything is crossed for you in this direction, mate!  

Also, a nod in the direction of those splendid chaps who have been working very hard pulling together the pilot for their new sketch show called...erm..."Splendid".  Apparently - or so I am led to believe - they have started infiltrating t'Interweb here, herehere and here with their silliness, but being a fan of Yoga, I couldn't possibly comment.  ;-)  Best of luck with the pilot, chaps! 

Phew. I'm off for a lie down after all that. Not.

*rushes back to top-up furiously intense typing and research habit*



  1. What *are* you up to, you mad woman? You're hilarious.Have fun! :oP

  2. Errr, know me. Never a dull moment and all that.