Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Question of Sync...

Hello there, my sunniest of sunny people.

A very quick question from Yours Truly...I have been asked to direct a music video, and very excited about it I am too.  :0)

Having never shot one with music sync (only live action with music track laid over), I was wondering if anyone out there knew the best and most dependable way to have live music playback for the actual shoot? That is, where the artist/band can sync to their vocals etc and then the complete studio track mix can be dropped in on the final edit? 

Errrr? Any takers on that one? If not, do you know anyone who may have a suggestion? I'm aware there are a multitude of ways to do it, but was wondering if any peeps out in the cyberscriboplace had a recommendation? All wealths of experience will be appreciated! 

Either leave a comment or send an email here.

Loving you already. Ta luvs. x

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