Thursday, April 16, 2009

News, Writers & Booze

Hello, you hungover polar bear, you.

As usual, it's all go here at Tenacious Towers. I had an extremely lovely, whizzy, busy day yesterday which resulted in a clear, pristine vision for the up and coming music video, tied up most of the loose ends for the shoot next week and had lots of helpful and poignant discussions in relation to various future projects.

I topped off my productive and constructive day with the carnage that always is The Meeting of The Writers, where I was most pleased to see the gorgeous Helen Smith who I haven't chatted to for an absolute age (although we managed only, "Hi!" "How are you?", "When are we going to go out next?" and then "Bye") and also finally meet fellow blogger and Twitterer, Kevin Lehane. Being totally committed to my work/training schedule, I was most amused to observe the whole evening from a very alcohol-less water angle, which was fun, but unfortunately my secret is now out. Everyone knows I am as mentally unhinged sober, as I am drunk. *sigh*  I always liked to blame the gin, red wine or the alcoholic beverage du jour for my hyperactive stupidity and now I can't. *nuts*

Talking of unhinged, many writerly bods were trying to glean some information about "Project Mute" - most of which they know I can't divulge at the present time.  I have to point out, I'm not being precious about it: I am genuinely unable to disclose much info as funding and deals are relying on discretion. I can say it's a multi-platform, multi- layered project with both short, medium and long term angles, and I start shooting some footage next week.  It will stretch my boundaries, abilities, and to some degree, mental attitude, in the most intangible manner - but it's going to be totally blinding fun for those who choose to take part in the mission.

So before I disappear back into my burrow of paperwork and research again - a quick shout out.

Virgin Media Shorts scheme is up and running again for this year. I will be entering a little something into it, as will my delightful colleague and buddy, Potdoll.

Check out the website of the wonderfully talented and delightful DoP, Stephen Murphy.  I had the pleasure of meeting up with this lovely man to discuss projects and I am thrilled at the prospect of working with such a like-minded, enthusiastic artist in the not-too-distant future. Check him out, watch his showreel, hire him (but don't clash with my dates, thanks).

The jolly decent chap of scribes, Sir Paul of Campbellness, has not just his ep of "Eastenders" being tx'd next Tuesday (21st April) but then straight afterwards, his ruddy ep of "Holby" is on too. Now, please, just take a breath and bow to the man's sheer ability to place the correct bungs in the correct scheduling pockets. He is truly a legend amongst men. ;)

Best of Oirish to Sir Stack for his shoot next week and also the best of Engerlish to the Splendid chaps who are up at full tilt next week also! May the sun shine on your shoots - unless you need no sun, of course.

And finally...well done to Tony Jordan who selected the following people to join him for a workshop soon.  He'll be a lucky man sharing the room with Dave Turner, Jason Arnopp, David Bishop, William Gallagher amongst others, I tells ya.

Right. Lunch time over. Back to storyboards and locations. Ta-ra.



  1. It was really lovely to see you xx

  2. Just wish we'd managed to catch up!! Soon! x

  3. Do remember... but hazy. But it was cool to chat. I just can't get over how quickly the time went! Really enjoyed it.

  4. have you got an idea of what you're going to do for the virgin thing doll?

  5. I think so Pots - although haven't done much with it yet! You? x