Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twelve Steps of Enlightenment

Hello Crystal Tips.

Here are a dozen things that have become apparent this week:
  1. I could work from anywhere in the world and no-one would know any different.
  2. Going to the gym makes me happy, and keeps me focused for the rest of the day.
  3. Narrow roads, trees, X5s and wing mirrors mix like oil and water.
  4. I  just realised how organised, and how pretty good at organising I am.
  5. 'No' is not an definitive answer.
  6. I lost a very beautiful friend a month or so ago, and I really miss him & his dreadful sardonic wit more than I thought I would.
  7. I'm not too bad a business person.
  8. Edit suites suck life force out of you and then re-inject it, just when you didn't expect it.
  9. Tapas and Rioja in Spain taste better than at home.
  10. The Pet Shop Boys track, "Vulnerable" (from "Yes") sounds perfect with the word 'insomnia' replacing 'vulnerable', when you can't sleep at 3am. Again.
  11. Airports are both expensive and tedious at the same time. I fear this is somewhat a raw deal.
  12. There is never a dull moment if you walk around with a torch.
Now, I am sure you are all behaving out there, but play nice for the rest of the week, please. I am checking/polishing off the #twitstunt edits tomorrow - uh-huh, there are two versions - and then apparently there is yet another Bank Holiday on Monday. Sweet Jesus, how dull. How schedule-interfering. How bloody...Monday-ish.  

Oh, well, whatever you are planning - dancing around a maypole with bells on, that kind of thing - do enjoy and have an 'arf'.

Ever onwards, little ones, ever onwards.


  1. Does one of the edits feature a helicopter crash? I hope so.

  2. Yeah, just after we've cut from Brad Pitt sunbathing in the background. :)