Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shoots, Logs & Turning Cogs

It certainly has been a nutty week. Busy? Pah! I stare 'Busy' in the face, slap it and shout, "Boo! Betchya can't catch me!". Ahem, maybe not those exact words.

Right from Mega Meeting Monday through Wacky Weirded Wednesday to Forgoodnesssake Friday it's been marvellous, and I am very glad to report an extremely - nay - intensely successful week, all the same.

Wednesday, of course, saw the first day's shoot of many to come, on a small but beautifully formed part of "Project Mute". The day and night went swimmingly and I can quite honestly say I had a blast. The location and it's staff were brilliant, and all the peeps who took part in #twitstunt were fantastic. Realistically, an evening spent with Charles Batho, Dan Rebellato, Elinor, Stevyn Colgan, David Turner was never going to be very dull. Like me, I sincerely hope they enjoyed the whole [if slightly surreal] experience and I do apologise, on behalf of the tipsy or less dextrous Tweeters, to those of you who perhaps accidentally received the odd (actually, very odd) Tweet... ;)  

I am going to take this opportunity to say a huge big thank you to my amazing Cameramen, Neil Oseman and Andy Alderslade who gave me the gorgeous footage I asked for plus more; Cameron Price and Sophie Foster for their expert running skills - and also for Sophie's unfazed response when I decided to chuck her in the deep end by asking her to sit in on the experiment filming; Ben Ottewell for clicking away like a mad man, covering every angle possible for stills, and Glen Cobby for rigging, running, jumping, bowing and crawling at my every demand and then taking the responsibility for the all-important footage data! Every one of you guys really rocked my night. Anyone who followed the evening on Twitter will no doubt have had a few good giggles - as the beer flowed it was indeed interesting to see how loose people's fingers, if not tongues, became. T'was certainly a night I will never forget!  

So, all the beautiful looking HD footage is now logged, imported and awaits the edit which starts in ernest, along with the voiceover recording and graphics work, next week. I am really looking forward to seeing this baby come together now as it officially marks the beginning of a pretty long term commitment for me. Very exciting indeed.

And then, just to top off the Week That Was, yesterday morning, whilst discussing the virtues of organic cakes and some of the footage shot on Wednesday (yeah, honestly), I had one of those really odd 'meant to happen' conversations. This has now led to the very likely possibility of me Producing and Directing a live broadcast/interactive event within the next month or so, which is a totally excellent prospect.

Rock and roll, man. Effing rocking and rolling.



  1. so brilliant that it's already opening doors even before you've edited it! yay! xx

  2. Cheers matey but it's probably because I am the only person with enough lunatic tendencies to take up the challenge!!! x