Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project Doctor Smeg

Hello there, my little stack of feather dusters.

I am having quite a mad, mental time of it and an awful lot has tickled my fancy since my last post here, and various posts over at Tenaciously Training.

As I mentioned in my last post here, the new TT blog was set up to make sure I stuck to my training schedule which in itself vaguely forms part of a very exciting Project. Now, when I set up the new blog I did not expect, for one second, that the Project I was referring to would sprout wings and turn into a massive reality - and virtually overnight.

I really need to find a name for this Project though, as for various reasons, I can't and won't say too much about it at the moment. I can say I have loads of meetings concerning "it" over the next fortnight, have launched into full scale pre-production for the first phase of shooting (week after next), and can honestly state I have never had so many lists surrounding me in my life. Blimey. Gosh. Golly. Whizzo dizzo. In addition to all this "Project" madness, I am slipping in a few little meet-ettes to finalise the details for the music video I am directing in a few weeks' time too.

In amongst all the chaotic nuttiness that prevails in my life,  I have managed to catch up on my accounts (b-o-r-i-n-g-o) as well as the far less mundane, *spoilers* Doctor Who: "Planet of the Dead" and the Red Dwarf three parter, "Back to Earth", both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Okay, so strike me down dead for whatever reason you feel you should, but they both looked and felt like epic achievements: DW - shot on HD, locations in Dubai desert, strong casting, the menace of the possible return of The Master; RD - shot on Red camera, lots of amazing green screen/CG work, no laughter track, the wrath of the characters on their Creator(s).  

Yes, I know...the die-hards aren't happy and there were plot holes, wormholes and in DW's case, Michelle Ryan doing a Lara Croft/Tomb Raider manoeuvre down a bloody big hole, but you know what? I shall interject with a "Hurrah!" and then say "Hurrah!" again, for beautiful looking, beautiful sounding and beautifully crafted televisual entertainment. Now, surely there's enough room for some of that?

Okay. So now I'll shut up and let you boys and girls get on with discussing the intricacies of...well, whatever it is you get so excited about.

Ah, now there's a good name - "Project Mute". And what a fun dichotomy that is, too.

Have a luscious week, my lovelies. Until we natter again.


  1. I really enjoyed Red Dwarf too. I thought it was surprisingly good, especially the third episode.

  2. Jolly good, Chris - at least two of us liked it! Actually, I have since discovered a whole closet admiration group, but I shall say no more to protect them... ;)