Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Standby: in five...four...

Well, me hearties, tomorrow day/night is very much the Big Day/Night for yours truly as it is the very first day/night of filming for "Project Mute". As this project is a mixture of short, medium and long term objectives there will be quite a bit of nattering on about it, here, there and everywhere.  Well, actually mainly on this very blog. And this blog. And perhaps maybe somewhere else, who knows.

So, the location is locked and signed off, my lovely HD kit is all gleaming and ready to be whisked off tomorrow morning, my legal paperwork is (99.9999%) in place and will be 100% by 10:00hrs, my insurances are valid, my house has turned into a storage facility of crates of gaffer tape, cables, adaptors, multiways, chargers, memory cards, card readers, Macs, First Aid Kits, cheque books (ha!), toolkits, reams of paper (as my lists of lists of lists are becoming ridiculous) and most amusingly, my gorgeous Crew are all ready and *think* they are working with someone sane. More fool them.

I was considering live blogging with my spare hand during the filming tomorrow evening, but I'll need to see how things go in our set up and run through and I may need both hands when I am directing/holding my head in a vice-like grip/rocking, looking at the monitors etc etc etc. This footage is basically being shot as 'live' from 20:30 tomorrow evening, so no margin whatsoever to go back and re-shoot material. Yeah - that's a nice thought: LIVE

That makes it all sit a bit more casually in my guts.

On that note, I'm off to check a list. Please, don't take the p*ss - it's a healthy obsession of mine. Besides, there is always a list that needs checking somewhere...

Onwards, baby. Ever onwards.


  1. Yep, things have been charged and loaded with software. I now have to go out and buy an ink cartridge for the stuff you emailed me as the kids appear to have used it all up printing out pictures from Cbeebies website...

  2. it's gonna be G-G-G-G-G-G-REAT!!!


  3. Go, go, go!

    I've no idea where you're going, but have fun!

  4. Dave - Darn CBeebies and their Iggle Piggle pictures

    Pots - ummmm, thanks...*eek*

    Paul - I will indeed try to have fun! Well done again for last night!!!