Friday, May 04, 2007

Odds & Sods

"The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes" Agatha Christie

A couple of quickies today...

Something I heard about a fair old while ago (and therefore many people may already know about it!), has hit the press in the form of "Broadcast".

I am glad to report the greenlit formation of Fremantle Media's international drama development unit to develop UK concepts for returning drama series. A team of 'UK's most talented scriptwriters', to be based in London, will be recruited by Ann Harris (herself recruited by Fremantle from Sony Pictures Television Int) to start working on various drama projects.

Fantastic news - more companies should be considering this move.

If you do happen to come by a copy of today's "Broadcast" there is an interesting article about Writers and their working spaces; how we are able to choose where to do our jobs and how to go about them. Tony Grounds ("Gone to the Dogs", "All in the Game", "A Class Apart") is quoted as saying he works in the smallest cell-like room in his house and then sadly says "...but then being a writer is a life sentence." :(

So, here's a thought: given the choice of anywhere (but within reason!) WHERE would you choose to write? Please take into account Broadband is probably not widely available on the silky, white beaches of Mauritius :0)


  1. When Sony put Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within into production, the studio making the movie was based on one of the islands in Hawaii.

    3D animators in London bitched and moaned about being in gloomy England rather than out in the sun, but my thinking was this: You're indoors working insane hours. Wouldn't having palm trees and glorious stretches of sandy beaches outside the window, unobtainable while you're stuck indoors, be more of a torture?

    Somewhere with a desk and computer, chair, and a couch for lying on with a pen and scratch pad would be enough.

    Oh, and in Santa Monica.

  2. Nice big desk, big window with a sea-view.

  3. How about a nice big desk, big window with a sea view - in Santa Monica? ;0)

  4. I think something of a view is good for stimuli, rather than being locked in a cold, dank room. Oh, and a decent shelf of reference books.

  5. Yep. Big desk, big window, big view. Think there's a pattern forming amongst us here?

    Perhaps it's detrimental if the actual ROOM you're working in is too big. I'm thinking 'The Shining'... :-S

  6. Lara, I worked for a couple of decorative artists in Santa Monica. We did the house of a writer there. I forget his name, and too lazy to look it up, but he wrote 'On Golden Pond.' He had a painting on the wall by Henry Fonda--of three different hats he'd worn in different films. Also had a framed fan-letter from someone who'd seen On Golden Pond and been touched by it. Seeing that letter was a big inspiration for me. I thought, that's what it's all about.

    Anyway. This place was sooo lovely. Not that big, but the whole of the west wall was glass--all sky and sea.

  7. Jason - hi & welcome! Yes, there is definitely a pattern forming here, guys!! I am definitely with you all on the 'large desk, large window, large view, large reference section' scenario.

    Wonder what all the lay-deez preferences would be though?! None of the cyberaunts have dropped by this weekend...

    Pillock - nice tale about Thompson's place (presume it was him?). A whole glass wall. I wanted one as the back wall of my house during recent building work. That discussion didn't last very long. Should have fought harder. Grrrr. ;0)