Friday, May 11, 2007

Ground Control to Major Tom...

Definitely another planet. And that's where it deserves to stay. Far, far away, in another Universe. It really has been one of those weeks, and that's as much as I'm saying. End of.

On a brighter note, I've managed to get loads of reading/notes done (really sorry for those who had to wait a bit), drafted and then re-drafted the aforementioned short AND we've gone and got all HD on ourselves this week too. After [far too] many months' deliberation over which LCD or plasma TV to buy, we eventually bit the bullet and bought one. It's fab. The only problem is it seems so big that last night I thought Phil Mitchell was going to submerge my head in Ian Beale's greasy washing up bowl too. (And when are they going to think of another less public school prank for Le Mitchell to play?)

We also had a V+ box installed today and have access to the BBC HD preview channel to ogle over - I was really not sold on the 'vast' difference between 'normal' digital transmission and HD - but now I'm a convert. Just watched a couple of minutes of BBC's "Bleak House" which is available to watch as HD. As the episode starts in the court room you can virtually make out the writing on scrolls/papers 20 foot below the camera on crane. Programme & film makers are going to have to watch out what they randomly pick up and use quickly for props if HD is really that clear! No wonder the airbrushed actors of the US were going mad when HD came out - all those pores and imperfections. Tsk tsk.

Yuk, now just think what we're going to espy when Le Mitchell shoves Beale's head down the Queen Vic bogs in the future. On that note, I'm off to ogle my TV and check out the curry menu for later.

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