Saturday, May 26, 2007

Human Beings Doing

We were having a rare old time today over at Lianne's place. One part of that discussion in particular, focused around people who are 'always doing rather than being' and is the basis of a favourite saying of mine, "Try to be a human being not a human doing". Essentially it means being busy, busy all the time is not necessarily the right thing - sometimes you just have to stop and 'be'.

This also ties in with a previous post of mine - just by 'being' and not 'doing', you can sometimes save yourself a lot of flailing arms and misspent energy because what is meant to be, is just that - meant to be.

In my recent poetry phase I scribbled a little ditty which sums up trying to control time - or was it time trying to control me? Not sure there. Once I have unearthed it (probably in folder filled with the last - yippee! - of the plaster dust) I will post it here.


  1. I was going to comment but the thread seem to have been skewed off course by the Psychiatrist's comment that - nobody picked up on - seemed to have been shoehorned in to promote his website.

    After reading his take on why people suffer from depression, I would have used a far stronger word that our potty-mouthed Dolly Pots.

    I think you have to reach a state where, as you say, if it happens, it happens. There are things I'd like to happen in my career, but if they don't I really don't care that much. Why get all bent out of shape about it?

    Then again... if I tick all the boxes on my card, do I win? Mmmm, you know what? I'd prefer to just sit back and watch a really great sunset.

  2. Thanks for your eloquent contribution to the discussion over at my place Lara! Love that saying too and it's one I try to remind myself of when I'm fretting about something I think I should be doing and generally stressing myself out.

    GD - basically it was a spam comment and I usually delete those but before I even saw it it had already triggered an interesting debate. So I suppose we can thank the Dr for that, if nothing else!

  3. GD - I thought it was a spam comment, but as Lianne says it had already started an interesting talking point! Narrow minded attitudes ('professional' or not) drive me batty! Believe me, I had to take a very deep breath and edit heavily before I posted! As for sunsets - more on that in my next post!

    Lianne - As mentioned above, my contribution wasn't very eloquent to begin with, but it is interesting how much 'good thinking time' a random spam message can provoke! x

  4. Last night I thought I'd take Mr Ray's "test." It's hilarious!

    Although on a more serious note, if I'd have been feeling vulnerable I might have been tempted to hand over some money.


  5. I did it too!

    and it is hilarious

  6. I'm going to pop on over there tomorrow and have a look round too, I think! Sounds fun!

  7. Ok, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to see what Dr Whodoeshethinkheis had to say. What a laugh.