Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Yesterday, I was reminded of the story Richard Ashcroft's total loss of composer credits on The Verve's, 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'. That string-based loop was sampled from an orchestral rendition of The Stones' song, 'Last Foundation', and hence all royalties go to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. What a complete bummer; bittersweet indeed. (More about it here)

But hang on a darn minuette...what about all those late 80s, early 90s hip-hop tracks which sampled everything but the butter on my toast? Did they all get stung or did they just grope their groins, threaten in a BoyzindaHood type stylee and get the decks up and running again?

Imagine writing a brilliant song like that and then someone claims it's actually theirs? Imagine writing a massive, brilliant outline/show format and then some smart ass claims they thought of it first - oh, hang on, been there - but I now view it as a compliment without the payoff. Anyway, moving onwards, or rather backwards. Picture the scene if you will...

There is a movie being made of your life and some darn fine actors are playing you and yours. Answer the following:

What would be:
1) The closing credits theme tune?
2) The stand-out line from the movie? The one everyone quotes.

Trust me, this is a really interesting exercise - please share your thoughts amongst friends! The narcissistic amongst us will already have their answers - hell, I do. LOL ;)


  1. In the film of my life, I would be a werewolf (she-wolf?), so naturally I would have to choose my fave werewolf music by Goth band Type O Negative, "Wolf Moon". Download it here if you've never heard of it. The story behind it is...gross. No other word for it.

    As for the quote, it would have to be the one that everyone quotes about me anyway: "Screw you, Tonto!" If I haven't said it to you personally, I will one day...

  2. Nice ones, Lucy. Glad to say I haven't been on the receiving end of your quote. Yet.

    Any more takers out there???